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What it’s like to stay in yurts in Central Asia? | Ayurveda Tour Central Asia

What it’s like to stay in yurts in Central Asia?

One of the most interesting parts of Central Asia tours is the experience of staying in yurt. It is a traditional type of housing used by Central Asian nomads.

To say in common it's a circular tent protecting from wind and hot sun. The structure can be assembled in one and a half hour and be transported to a new location with the help of one or two camels.


Not all yurts in Central Asia are the same. They are very popular in Kyrgyzstan where tradition of such type of housing is still alive. The situation in Uzbekistan is quite different. According to the past Uzbeks have never been nomads and modern yurt camps is working for tourist only.

Despite the different design the construction of yurts are almost the same. They are pretty simple having two or more beds inside (according to client's request). The toilet is outside of the contruction (most of them looks like a hole in the ground). There's also a shower, sinks outhouse.

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Blankets and pillows are provided but many tourists take sleeping bags with them. In Kyrgyzstan each yurt also has a stove used for heating. Uzbekistan yurts are usually taken apart for winter time and are available only in dry season.

Meals can be ordered but it’s better to do it beforehand. There’s a special restaurant yurt where all tourists have breakfast, lunch and dinner. No wifi. Talk to each other!


Those looking for an interesting journey yurts are the best way to go! The views are beautiful, surroundings - serene and the lovely family welcomed visitors into yurts with a cup of milk and homemade bread.

It’s a place to watch how locals live, milking and enjoy the life. If the camp is situated near the lake (for example Safari camp in Uzbekistan) it’s possible to swim a little and enjoy the surroundings. Some camps also provide fishing tackle. Keep in mind the option of fishing.

It’s also possible to ride a camel for some kilometers, arrange a short walking tour. But all attractions should be booked in advance, especially if it’s high tourist season.

But mostly tourists come to yurt camps to take a break from noisy cities, to listen to birdsong and enjoy beautiful views. If you want to explore the country and get off the beaten path, there really is no other option but to stay in a yurt!