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Ways of getting to know the country well | Ayurveda Tour Central Asia

Ways of getting to know the country well

Wherever you travelling the best way to get to know the country is talking to locals. They know everything about the city: the where-to-gos and the where-not-to-gos, the ins and the outs, the dos and the don’ts.

That’s why our company includes visiting local houses, suggests trains instead of private cars and so on. All this will help you to get to know the country well. We’ve found some simple ways to meet locals that will help you to make unforgettable journey.


Central Asian people like to have long tea drinking because it’s also an opportunity to talk each other. It’s really finding for foreigners. So choose a corner café from local food stands around dinner time. It’s the best way to get conversation going over a tea with oriental sweets. Locals will be glad to have a conversation with foreigners even they don’t know English well.


Bazaar is a special place in Central Asia and we highly recommend visiting one of them during your trip. It will be a very interesting experience. Here you can find everything you want: from clothing and souvenirs to fruit and vegetables. Of course, it’s a place where you will definitely meet locals, be involved in the hustle and bustle and can make a bargain.


While it may seem appealing to stay at a huge hotel whose names sounds familiar to you, you’ll definitely have a better and more authentic experience staying at an independently-owned hotel. There’re a lot of such types of hotels in Uzbekistan.

The hotels give you the opportunity to befriend the people who work there (usually the main workers are the family). If you need any local suggestions (cafes, bazaars and so on) they can help you without hesitation.


Locals also travel a lot inside the country. There’re interesting one-day tours you can join. For example it’s a hiking in the mountains, visiting secret places and so on. Such tours usually starts from the capital (Tashkent city) and will be interesting experience to travel with locals. Joining the group of people will help you to save money and visit places hidden from an ordinary tourist