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Suggested Central Asia Itineraries: how to plan 2 - 3 week trip | Ayurveda Tour Central Asia

Suggested Central Asia Itineraries: how to plan 2 - 3 week trip

Central Asia is a great destination to add to your travel list. Rich in history, unique culture, medieval architecture and beautiful scenery, Central Asia is a destination full of unique experiences and interesting cities. There is enough to do to keep travelers entertained for well over a month.

5 stans tour, central asia

If you only have two week to spend in Central Asia we suggest you to focus on just 2 countries. Your choice will depend on your interest and what you would like to see. For example if you are interested in experiencing nomadic culture we recommend starting your trip in Kyrgyzstan. It’s possible not only to visit nomads on your way but have some nights in yurts.

The second country could be Uzbekistan or Tajikistan (both of them have land borders and it’s easy to cross it). Here is an example how to combine Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in one tour. You will enjoy the scenery of high mountains, have an opportunity to go on a hike, take a horseback riding tour and so on.

Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

One of the most popular itineraries in Central Asia is Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. It’s a tour for those who are interested in history, ancient cities of the region and unique architecture.


3 weeks give you enough time to explore the region. Having 21 days it’s possible to visit 3 and even more countries. What about exploring mysterious Persia? The tour includes visiting such interesting countries as Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Iran tour

Don’t have any idea? Don’t know what countries to choose? In the case visit all of them in one tour! 3 weeks are enough to do it. Here is good example how you can include all 5 Stans. You will be surprised how different they could be.

There’re lots of options to combine Central Asian countries into one trip. Everything depends on international flights, your interests and on the season. The easiest way to make itinerary of your dream is to contact our manager.

Bukhara sunset, Uzbekistan

If you have more than an extra week to spare we suggest that you slow down your pace instead of adding more destinations to your itinerary.

  • Give yourself a few extra days in Issyk Kul lake to swim (Kyrgyzstan), dance and sunbathe. Of course if you travel in summer time.
  • Spend some days in Bukhara city (Uzbekistan) to explore its narrow medieval streets. It would be a much-needed escape after car travel.
  • Add a few extra days to your time in KalaiKhumb or Khorog (Tajikistan) to visit nearby mountains.
  • You know that the most memorable moments always take place when you least expect them. So it’s a good decision to give your trip the extra space. You will have time to learn more about Central Asia and the daily lives of its people.

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