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Tajikistan: Khudjand to Dushanbe drive route: photo essay | Ayurveda Tour Central Asia

Tajikistan: Khudjand to Dushanbe Drive Route

A drive from Khudjand to Dushanbe (or the reverse) is one of the most popular trips in Tajikistan. The scenic drive takes you on an adventure through mountain passes and small villages full of charisma and authentic Tajikistan culture. Below is the outline of our suggested stops along the way.


Fann Mountains are the first pleasant surprise on the Khudjand to Dushanbe drive route. It’s a part of the western Pamir-Alay mountain system that is considered one of the wildest and most exciting travel destinations. Peaks here soar to well over 5,000m, that’s no exaggeration!


Lake Iskanderkul (Alexander) is the first (and highly recommended) stop on the route. It set at 2,195m above sea level and a real pearl of Fann Mountains. The lake offers panoramic unforgettable vistas: the turquoise waters contrast wonderfully against its alpine surroundings.


There is also a 38mt-high waterfall called Fann Niagara close to the lake (half-hour trail by foot). You will find a steel platform for watching the water hurl itself over the rocky edge.


Anzob pass (3,372m) is the next point on our route. The pass is closed in winter time because of snowdrifts and avalanches.


Thanks to Anzob Tunnel now it’s possible to travel from Dushanbe to Khudjand all year round. The tunnel cut the road by 30km and now it takes only 5hrs to cover the destination. Anzob tunnel has 5km long and is the longest one in CIS.

Just 3hrs and you will be in Dushanbe. Your road trip may come to an end here but your Tajikistan adventures should not.

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