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Best Day Trips from Tashkent Uzbekistan

Best Day Trips from Tashkent

There are lots of day tours you can do staying in Tashkent. It’s very easy and will be the best idea for travelers who are in Tashkent for some days.


Samarkand is one of the main touristic cities in Uzbekistan. Thanks to the high speed train it’s now easily visited on a day tour from Tashkent. The city offers a magnificent Registan square, impressive Bibi Khanum mosque and other monuments known to the world.

Plan your visit!

  • Train station is only 10/15min drive from the center of Tashkent
  • It takes only 2h10 to get to Samarkand (trains go every day)
  • Samarkand should be part of your journey
  • Enjoy well-known monuments in Samarkand
  • Taste the local wines in winery named after Khovrenko

  • #2 – MOUNTAINS

    If you want to get away from noisy cities and enjoy scenery, Chimgan Mountains is one of the best places to go. Need to say it’s also a beloved location for Tashkent people. The region is full a charming little villages as well as beautiful scenic fields.

    Different options are proposed. It could be a walk on well-marked trails of easy to moderate difficulty. Most hiking tours take anywhere from 2 to 6 hrs round trip. The easiest way to enjoy panoramic viewpoint is a cableway that usually is included into the program.

    For those who don’t like hiking the region provides lots of activities (horseback riding, quadrocycle, water attractions and much more).

    Plan your visit!

  • 2h30 drive from Tashkent by car (each way)
  • Take your time to enjoy beautiful scenery of mountain lake and serpentine road
  • Ride a cableway to get up to the panoramic viewpoint
  • Enjoy light hiking tours around surroundings
  • Taste local food in one of the small cafes along the road
  • Wear good shoes to walk


    Surrounded by mountains Khudjand city is very charming and colorful. The city is more than 2500 years old and considered as the second biggest city in Tajikistan. Thanks to close border location it’s possible to make a one-day-tour to Tajikistan.

    Plan your visit!

  • 1h30 drive from Tashkent to Uzbek-Tajik border, passing control (takes about 30min) and 1h drive to Khujand
  • Visit famous historical monuments (there’s much to see in Khudjand)
  • Shop at the colorful Payshanba bazaar
  • Enjoy beautiful road
  • Return back to Tashkent the same day


    Like Samarkand Bukhara is famous for its monuments listed by Unesco. There’re lots of unique historical monuments in Bukhara. Most of them are well preserved and you will feel like travelling back in time. The only option to visit Bukhara in one day is taking a flight.

    Plan your visit!

  • Domestic airport is only 15/20min drive from the center of Tashkent
  • It takes only 1h10 to get to Bukhara
  • Visit well-known historical monuments
  • Visit the many small boutiques selling handmade souvenirs
  • Take a lunch on Lyabi-Khauz square


    It’s also possible to plan a Turkestan tour from Tashkent, but it will take 2 days. If you have enough time we can recommend you to visit the city. Located in Kazakhstan, Turkestan city is the most ancient city in Central Asia. Moreover Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum is classified by the Unesco that prove the importance of the city.

    Plan your visit!

  • 40min drive from Tashkent to Uzbek-Kazakh border, passing control (takes about 1h) and 4h30 drive to Turkestan city for overnight
  • Visit small Kogam and Shaulder villages on the way
  • Explore Turkestan city and visit well-known historical monuments
  • Drive back to Tashkent the next day

  • If you don't want to have to find your way though the transportation or drive, consider booking an organized tour with a guide that will give you plenty of historical information.
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